BW-39 the original Black Widow Bolt in cam in 2000 used  by several H-D dealers and as Pete Hill Says these cams really turn on a stock engine back in inventory soon by popular demand.

Black Widow Cams bolt in style cams for earlier 99-05 in gear drive are special order: lobe sizes are listed: For Racing Lobes  Please contact us

       Dur.    Lobe"                       for 2007 up
  @.053      lift
BW-256hr303T                       BW-244HR325


BW-251hr3125T                     BW-240HR345
BW-248hr303T                        BW-244HR340




BW-XXXhrXXXT                        BW-244HR360
BW-247hr3125T                      BW-252HR360
BW-236hr311T                        BW-244HR382
BW-228hr312T                        BW-254HR382

Camshaft description  BW-48 (chain drive) Gear Drive special order     1999-Present
Works for 88"-95" motor. Great low-end and mid range power.  Good for bikes that get run in the mid to higher RPM range.  Standard performance upgrades really turns this cam on !!
Need different valve springs.  Works with carbureted or EFI.  
Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN       CLOSE      TDC           DURATION                VALVE LIFT        

Intake       20              48             .184"             248                             .532"          

Exhaust    52             16             .166"              248                             .532"                       

Overlap  36               LSA     106         

Camshaft description  BW-49- Gear Drive special order
For 2007 and up only
This cam was Originally Made for my good Friend

Perry Kime of FLO Headworks In Oceano California.
Same ramp design as our BW-48
 Perry Says this cam works great for two up riding.
Perry is a great head guy also if you are in California or Close you should give him a call. Perry is a former employee of Crane Cams in the old days and learned from the best as I my self also Studied Under Harvey for 16 Years !!

Other FLO Head Works profiles are available in gear drive-Special order.

Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN                CLOSE                 DURATION                VALVE LIFT        

Intake       20                       48                          244                             0.525"                           104               

Exhaust    52                      16                           248                             0.525"                           108             

Overlap  36               LSA     106           

Camshaft description  BW 55 2007 and up-Chain Drive          Gear Drive is special order

 These Chain Drive Cams where  in the 2012 Buffalo Chip Bike Build along with Terry Components. This cams has nice power thru the range with out a lot of the extras needed( head work- high compression) for the ones who want to save money. BW-55 cams where very friendly with Terry Components EFI interface. Keith Terry was very pleased with the results and the way the engine performed as this profile was designed for the 96" engine - Making 90+ HP /105Tq
These same cams in a stock 103 with pipe 95+Hp & 110+ Tq  After Tuning

                                               WHAT IS OVERLAP ?
These cams get from .004" to .053" in only 32 degrees as our competitors cams get only from .020" to .053" in 36 degrees the result is better manifold vacuum, do to less non-advertised overlap also referred to By HARVEY J. CRANE as the cross over area so better engine acceleration thru the range.

 The BW-55 for 96"  BW-47 & 44-For the larger cubic inch engines and or higher compression.
BW-62 designs are of the same ramp up design for those who have ported heads
 with added on big bore cylinders and compression.
Quicker ramp up means a Great cam for big bike and even the lighter ones.

Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN                CLOSE                 DURATION                VALVE LIFT          

Intake       20                       36                          236                             0.555"                        

Exhaust    44                       18                          242                             0.555"                      

Overlap  40               LSA     100            

Camshaft description  BW 62  2007 and up-Chain Drive            Gear Drive is special order

Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN                CLOSE                 DURATION                VALVE LIFT       

Intake       22                       42                          244                              0.620"                         102             

Exhaust    55                       19                           254                              0.620"                        108           

Overlap  38               LSA     106              

Camshaft description  BW 44 2007 and up- Chain Drive             Gear Drive is special order

These cams wth minor Head work yield 110/118 Tuner used PC SE AC kit True Duals 103"
These same cams stage 1 ported heads 50mm TB SE super tuner True Duals in 107"
 made 114/119 The power with our cams is endless!!
 These two profiles can be used with lobe centers of 102/113 in gear drive. Really nice in a Dyna!!

Camshaft timing information measured @ .053

                 OPEN                CLOSE                 DURATION                VALVE LIFT            

Intake       19.5                    44.5                           244                              0.585"     

Exhaust    50.5                    17.5                           252                              0.585"                        

Overlap  37               LSA     105.5            

Camshaft description  BW 47 2007 and up- Chain Drive               Gear Drive is special order
These cams have produced over 104.6 Hp and a 116.5 Tq with stock heads and bore
no extra compression using a V&H X pipe with tuner These figures are on a Super Flow Dyno
so Dyno Jet numbers should be slightly higher or the same.

Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN     CLOSE      TDC           DURATION                VALVE LIFT            

Intake       18               40          .xxxx                238                              0.585"                       101              

Exhaust    49              15           .xxxx                244                              0.585"               

Overlap  36               LSA     104            

Camshaft description  BW 53 2007 and up
This cam has shown great performance--- 106/114 in 95" 2004 with  stock EFI, SE heads out of the box with dual exh." This cam out preformed all other we have tried, Info Fosters H-D Tuscumbia Al.
Chris Mell @ CMMR in Reading Pa.  A huge gain over the competitors .575"-.585" style Twin cams.
This same cam in a bone stock CVO SE 110 produced 109.5/120 with slip on s, Air cleaner and a tunner.
Info from Heritage Harley-Davidson in Florida.
NOTE MUST NOT USE A Hyd Tappet that fully encloses the roller lobe tip interferance is a result
 MUST use a open body lifter as well as the BW-53 & 54 Cams have a negitive radius ramps on open side.
Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN     CLOSE    TDC             DURATION                VALVE LIFT       

Intake       23             45            .215"               248                          .580"                      

Exh.          53.5        18.5           .189"               252                          .580"                                    
Overlap  41.5               LSA     104.25                 

Camshaft description  BW 54 2007 and up replaces Harley 260 cam for the 120R engine with much
More toqure and Horse Power than the Screamin eagle 260 grind all clearance must be check and do to very hi TDC lifts MORE AREA under the curve
This Cam is Perfect for the NHRA New Screamin Eagle Series
              Other Custom Grinds that meet NHRA CLASS RULES  Also Available
This cam must be installed by a PROFESSIONAL ENGINE BUILDER--PERIOD !!!
Must Check ALL clearances--PERIOD !!!     OUT OF STOCK

Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN     CLOSE    TDC             DURATION                VALVE LIFT          

Intake       26              54          .251"                260                              0.650   

Exh.          61              25          .243"                266                              0.650                      

Overlap  53               LSA     106              OUT OF STOCK

Camshaft description  BW SS59E REPLACES SCREAMING EAGLE 259E


 GEAR DRIVE ONLY ALL YEARS     special order only
These cams feature our Master Lobe Technology and are much hotter that the Fuelings 574"- #1007 and other cams and any Screaming Eagle Cams
with more area under the curve & shorter ramps for more power
can grind these on either center lines.
Other Grinds Like or Similar to Screaming Eagle For Gear drive
So if you like your Screaming Eagle cams But want Gear Drive LOOK NO FURTHER.

Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN    CLOSE      TDC             DURATION                VALVE LIFT        

Intake         19           47           .182"              246                             .572"             
Exhaust       58          12           .156"              252                             .573"   

Overlap  31             LSA   109

Camshaft description  BW-64 Special Order Only   Gear Drive Only
High Power Cams with great results producing rock pounding

Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN                CLOSE                 DURATION                VALVE LIFT        

Intake           25                    49                           254                            .643"
Exhaust        55                    19                           254                            .643"   


Camshaft description  BW- Pro Stock Twin Cam Must call Special Order Mechanical Lifter

For standard Twin Cam Case and JIM's Race Case Price $660.00 cams only

requires Hi-Compression of14.5 to 16:1   137-145 CID 4.500 bore or larger

Cylinder head flow Intake minium requirement 480 CFM @ 28" .850" valve lift w/ 2.450" valve

Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN                CLOSE                 DURATION                LOBE  LIFT           

Intake                                                                  286                      .522" X RAR = VL
Exhaust                                                               302                      .505" X RAR = VL

Camshaft description  BW- Pro Stock Twin Cam Must call Special Order Mechanical Lifter
For S & S Special  Applacation Twin Cam Case Price $660.00  cams only

Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN                CLOSE                 DURATION                 LOBE LIFT       

Intake                                                                 284                       .505" X RAR=VL

Exhaust                                                              304                       .505" X RAR=VL

Camshaft description  BW-Pro Stock

Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN                CLOSE                 DURATION                  LOBE LIFT       

Intake                                                                  286                       .522"X RAR=VL
Exhaust                                                               302                       .522"X RAR=VL

Camshaft description  BW Turbo or Super Charger GEAR DRIVE ONLY
Both int. & exh lobe feature special ramp designs for Int. and Exh.
Camshaft timing information measured @ .053
                 OPEN                CLOSE                 DURATION                VALVE LIFT         

Intake          10                      46                         236                          .555"
Exhaust       65                      13                         258                          .565"
Overlap  23               LSA     112               

2013 NHRA Lucas Oil Screamin'Eagle schedule


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