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The standard of the industry since their inception, Manley valves are designed to outflow and outperform all others even in the most severe environments. Manufactured from high temperature materials, these valves feature swirl polished, performance oriented shapes and durable chrome plated or nitride finished stems.

Manley Stainless Steel Valves Feature - • Forged Construction • Swirl Polished Underhead • Fully Machined Combustion Face • Hard Tips • Compatible With Unleaded Fuels • Durable Chrome Plated Stems ( Nitride finish also available for certain applications )

Manley’s nitride finish is a special heat treatment developed to work specifically with Manley’s stainless steel alloys. The Manley nitride process imparts a superficially hard and lubricous surface superior to all others. Beware of our competitors’ "space age" coatings; they are inferior to Manley’s chrome or nitride finishes.


Designed to compete with the "Brand X" cheap copy-cat imports but with all the features and quality of a Manley valve.


Use with confidence in modified street engines. Unsurpassed by the best our competitors have to offer!

Chrome Stem


The ultimate insurance policy for your Harley engine. State of the art materials, heat treatment and manufacturing technology are combined to produce a valve available only from Manley.


Ultra high temperature alloys specifically designed for exhaust valves. The same alloy we use to produce exhaust valves for 6,000 + horsepower Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars.

Nitride Finish


Manley is the only manufacturer capable of producing a custom stainless valve with a hardened tip in quantities as small as one set. No need to use cumbersome wear caps or other tip protection methods. Available in Race Master, Severe Duty® and Extreme Duty Series. Specify your dimensions and install your Gen II valves with complete confidence.


Manley manufactures the best titanium valves in the world. Period. High strength, high temperature alloys are one-piece forged and a special moly stem coating is employed.