Two Stroke Cylinder re Sleeve  work

             Triumph & BSA Cylinder boring and head repair-
                      Lower end balancing-including New
                           H & C Camshafts coming soon !! 

          Flywheel re building for most 2 stroke and 4 stroke
                         Professional cylinder work
                   2 and 4 stroke cylinder head milling
             Water craft cylinder boring and honing to +-.0002"

  All cylinders Hone with Sunnen method and oil filtration to
       5 microns for perfect cylinder wall finish every-time!
                               True plateau finishes
                 "NO STINKING BALL HONE's USED HERE"
   Harley Davidson engine and all S & S Engine RE Manufacturing
          Former Indian, Big Dog, American Iron Horse, Titian
                  Warranty Center For all Engine Repairs
                         Tune and carburetor specialist
                      Camshaft design and Re-design                                                             using Master Lobe Technology TM.
               C.N.C. cc'd Ports for Twin Cam cylinder heads with
           Bronze Valve guides- With Manley Performance TM.  
        " bead-lock" 1.900 & 1.625  Valves 88 to 103 CID
           2.000" intakes and larger for Large Bore Engines

We have been building big inch engines for 38+ years in our full line machine shop. Other services available are not limited to just head work on Harley-Davidsons, We also do Porsche, BMW Cylinder heads and Cams.
Re-sleeve 4 stroke engines.
              Sleeper Cylinders that keep your original
                     appearance for 1984-up Harleys.
Larger bore sizes for more HP & Tq like 4.125 in your original Harley Twin Cam cyl. that is 107 with 4" stroke! Or 3.625 bore out of your stock evo cylinders. Crankcase boring required for these Cylinders Evo or Twin Cam.

     Lockwood Engineering LLC

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