Lockwood Engineering LLC

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You may have heard that Harley-Davidson® no longer offers the factory re-manufacturing program for 1984-later big twins, but not to worry! We have been offering a similar service for years. We still do, and our program offers a lot of extras the factory didn’t.

                      Lockwood Engineering Rebuild Program
                               has great Features such as:
                                Premium Bronze valve guides
                                 Manley performance valves
                               performance 3 angle valve job
                                           Heads are CC
                                        Keith Black Pistons
                                   Cylinders bored oversize
                     Premium lower end parts and spin balanced!!

        You get the same engine back – keep your original VIN
        Fast turn-around with a secured Deposit-With appointment
        Engines are rebuilt with Premium Engine service parts
             Rebuild to stock specs or desire STROKE  it