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                                                            Harman & Collins Racing Cams
                                                     For Vintage Automotive & MC
                                       The Late Kenny Harman & Clifford " Cliff" Collins
                                over 1000 vintage profiles Both stock and performance
                               Clifford Collins a Graduate Engineer made racing cams for
                               Mickey Thompson-Bud Hare - Johnson Motors JOMO cams
                                Art Sparks racing Triumphs & BSA's - A.J. Lewis's Triumph
                      We own the Assets of H & C and intellectual property. How do you say?

                                              A History OF HARMAN & COLLINS INC.
                          BY CRAIG ABE LOCKWOOD AND HARVEY JAMES CRANE 7-6-94


 Kenny Harman, co-founder of Harman and Collins ground his first
camshaft in 1931. He did not say if he was working for himself or a company. But we have discovered that he ground camshafts for George Riley!  Riley was well known during the early days of racing for building racing equipment for the Ford Model T and Model A engines. Riley started His business in 1919! Cliff Collins ground his first camshaft, independently of Kenny Harman in 1942
Cliff was then employed by Kenner Engines (aircraft engines) and his first camshafts where for the Kenner aircraft engine.

Kenny Harman and Cliff Collins started Harman & Collins
( H & C ) in 1945 behind a service station in Alhambra, California.
Kenny worked full at H&C and Cliff later cams to work full time in 1948 when they moved into a new building. That same year the company was Incorporated.
Due to polices differences between Kenny and Cliff, Cliff bought out Kenny's stock in the corporation on Nov. 15, 1950. Cliff ran the business and do to cash flow problems , merged H&C into Paul Schiefer's company (Schiefer Clutches & Flywheels) in late 1961.

At the time of the merger, Cliff sold sold the rights, business and two cam grinding machines for manufacturing the Harman & Collins line of Motorcycle cams to Gary Robinson who was an ex employee of the Harman & Collins company.

Only after a year or so , Cliff left Paul Schiefer and started his own camshaft grinding business again, specializing in roller camshafts with customer such as Mickey Thompson Enterprises. Mickey later sold his right to these roller camshafts to Ed Iskenderian and signed a camshaft non-compete agreement with Ed.

                      Much More  a little bit later!

                    Hard-faced and Re-Grinding Services
                        For all Vintage Motorcycles
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We do not sell new or used motorcycles, nor build custom bikes. We do not sell tires, do wheel balancing or oil changes. There are places that already do this type of work and we will be happy to help in referring you to a reputable shop to suit your needs. We rebuild engines and perform Custom Engine machining on engine parts, cases, Cylinder heads and sell new engine parts for old cycles. Although our stock is primarily limited to mechanical and engine parts, we can usually get most non stocking parts within a few days Depending Availability.
There are many definitions of “engine building”. There are also several price ranges for such work. There will always be someone who will charge less or more money to do the same type of service. The real value lies in the knowledge, skill, tools, experience of the builder, quality of finish, and the ability to warranty the work done. We understand that an engine failure can cost more than the parts…it can result in wasted time, physical injury, and sometimes embarrassment. We can help whether your engine is for a restoration, custom, or racing machine. We also blueprint engines, with complete documentation of specifications. Our prices are reasonable for the level of quality attained.

Anyone who is into Triumph motorcycles knows how legendary Harman and Collins Cams were in the 50′s and 60′s. This technical publication was originally published in 1968, and has now been reprinted in its entirety with full rights from the author. Whether you are a veteran racer or a youthful enthusiast, there is much to be learned from the vast experience of this renowned camshaft manufacturer. 
A standard engine rebuild consists of the following

• Disassembly of entire engine and parts cleaned
• Assessment of parts condition and what is needed
• Crankshaft thoroughly cleaned, checked for cracks, sludge tube replaced, journals ground to size and micro polished
• Connecting rods checked for straightness, new connecting rod small end bushes installed and sized
• Cylinder head is cleaned, checked for distortion, new guides are installed and honed for proper clearance, spring rates are checked, valve seats are cut with 3 angles, and valves are installed and checked for proper height.
• Cylinder is bored to next size, finish honed and painted, pistons are weight matched and correct ring end gap is set on each ring
• Rocker boxes are rebuilt with new seals and any worn parts are replaced.
• Transmission is inspected for flaws and rebuilt using high quality bearings, bushings, and seals
• Camshaft bushings are measured, and if necessary replaced and sized
• Tappets are refaced if worn, or if new cams are fitted
• Clutch is fitted with any components that need replacement and aligned.
• The engine is then carefully assembled, and all clearances are checked and corrected. Ignition is installed and timing is set. All specifications, weights and clearances are written on a build sheet. The final result is a trouble free engine that will perform for years to come

We strongly suggest that your engine be balanced at the time of rebuilding. This minimizes vibration and therefore extends the life of the engine. There are numerous other things we can do to enhance the performance of your twin, please contact us for additional details or help with your project.Unit Triumph engine complete rebuild $2095 plus parts*
Pre Unit Triumph engine complete rebuild $1945 plus parts*
Thread repair inserts installed $20 each
Engine balancing to specified factor (including heavy metal) $180-300
*includes build sheet
*price does not include balancing of rotating assembly
*turn around time is usually around twelve weeks
The above price reflects an engine core with a usable head, crankshaft, rods, and cylinder, with engine cases without damage.
A deposit of $1000 for a complete engine build is necessary before any machine work is done. This deposit is to cover costs of parts and may be made in cash, check, or credit card. The average time for a rebuild is twelve weeks, and detailed specifications will be included in writing. The final balance will be due when completed. Please contact us for any questions,

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