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                     Welcome to Lockwood Engineering!

             We Are Developer's of "Master Lobe Technology"
                         Makers of Black Widow Cams TM.                      and legendary Harman & Collins & Sifton Racing Cams TM.

                       NOTE: all cams ground special order
 Former M.M.I. Engine and Rebuild & Performance Instructor


                           in the state of South Dakota  with: 

                           We ARE the Only Authorized S & S
             Engine Warranty & Engine Re-Manufacturing Center
                        In the state of STURGIS S.D. and Tri-State
                    Also we are the only Authorized S & S PRO
               Tuning Center For Fuel Injection and Carburetor   
                           in the state of South Dakota  with: 

                      DYNO-JET 250I With Eddy Current Braking

                     Super Flow cycle Dyn 280  with Load control
                              (ONLY by appointment please)
                    " IF S & S LOVES US WHY SHOULDN'T YOU "        



   ​All you ever thought you knew about DRAG PIPES
When you add more inch and increase power by 50% the exhaust gases build up pressure in the pipe as RPM increases and affects the overlap process as well as the O2 sensor that sees the gases as being rich so it wants to lean the engine out but keeps leaning out the engine thru the mid range and the engine will not preform like it should. So it becomes un tuneable. Also most dual drag pipes that are located on the left end right side of the bike are two different lengths which make a unbalance exhaust system- and then you add baffles ( like putting in a cork ) and that create more back up in the pipe-the gases just cannot get thru the system - so stay away at all cost from Drag style pipes when increasing power with cam, compression and more cubic inch's -
Buy a reliable two into one exhaust system and you will be happy.

           COPY this link too see what S&S says about Drag Pipes!!